Election Day - Safety Measures at Hoover

Election Day - Safety Measures at Hoover
Posted on 11/03/2016

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, Hoover is a voting site next week Tuesday, November 8. We want to ensure the safety of all children and adults. You have received communication from our superintendent and we at Hoover will have in place the following measures:

1. Our staff will park in the large parking lot east of the Tot-Lot
2. All voters will use our regular large lot for quick park/exit
3. All voters will enter/exit via the Field House door next to the fence
4. Officers will be present during drop off, recess and dismissal times
5. I will be around to ensure that no one is wondering around the building between 7:40-3:45
6. Students that attend Action 3:30 will be housed in the MPR on this day and will use the same door for pick ups away from the Field House
7. The lady from the city of NB is aware of our safety concerns and will be vigilant as well. I will discuss with the on site staff member as well.
8. Please email me if you can volunteer on this day to help with crowd control
9. Please contact me directly at 414-604-3811 or email me at hataba@wawmsd.org with any questions prior to election day

Thank you,

Mr. Hatab