About Our School

Hoover Elementary School is the Et. Al. of our School District.  Our elementary school is physically located in city of New Berlin.  However we serve students from both the city of New Berlin and the city of West Allis.  Hoover has been providing high quality education to students in four year old kindergarten through fifth grade for over thirty-five years.  

At Hoover Elementary School we have a strong sense of community.  We strive to help students learn how to use their hearts and minds well. Every Monday morning we come together as a school and discuss what it means to use your heart and mind well in different situations, places,etc.  By implementing PBIS or Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports we are able to address the importance of being respectful, responsible and safe in our community.

As a staff we work together to implement District learning initiatives and put the best instructional strategies into practice.  These initiatives include Next Generation Learning Communities.  As part of a Next Generation Learning Community students are provided a personalized educational path that is enhanced by the integration of technology and collaboration; as these strategies come together students will learn how to be successful in the twenty-first century.  While not all of Hoover’s classrooms are a formal Next Generation Learning Community, collaborative teams work together to utilize similar tools and strategies to help develop twenty-first century learners.  

Hoover is a SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) school.  With small class sizes teachers are able to focus on individual needs and interests, while building strong relationships with students.  Hoover has a strong fine arts program.  All students participate in music, art, and physical education on a regular basis.  Students in kindergarten through second grade are able to participate in Suzuki.  Orchestra and Chorus are available for students in third grade through fifth grade. Band is available for students in fifth grade.  These groups have lessons and performance opportunities for the students involved.  By providing these, among many other things, we have been able to exceed expectations on the Wisconsin State Report Card.

Outside of the classroom we have other educational supports for students.  We provide an after school tutorial/enrichment program.  With this teachers are able to extend learning outside of the school day with individuals and small groups of students.  We sponsor the Morgan Grove FamilyCenter.  Students who live in this area are able to attend Homework Club, Enrichment groups and extracurricular activities like Chorus. Hoover’s community includes a strong PTA.  These volunteers plan and conduct fun learning activities such as the Hoover Hustle, High Interest Day, Reading Carnival and holiday social activities.  They host a Book Fair twice a year and provide direct support of school programs and goals through fundraising.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer andsupport the Hoover community through their participation.

We look forward to meeting you and your child as you select a school.  We believe that strong schools and strong families build outstanding communities.  Please feel free to contact Hoover Elementary School at (414) 604-3800.